Meal plans for runners

Meal plans for runners

Running is an exercise that causes a great caloric expenditure, but the supply of nutrients to our body must be taken with caution since we cannot have an excess of calories. This Meal plans for runners will help us with that.

Various factors such as nutrition, hydration, diet influence sports performance, that is why food plays an important role in runner results. The nutrients that our body needs are varied but there are some foods that are more recommended than others. With these meal plans for runners you will see some important factors when planning your diet.

You can do a diet for the moment before running, also a diet for the instant after running, the type of intensity that we are going to perform will also affect the diet.

Runners diet (before running):

1-Whole grains (wheat, oats, whole oats): contain slow absorption carbohydrates that help muscle recovery.

2-Derivatives of cereals such as whole wheat bread and rice.

3- Fruits such as strawberries, cherries that help the immune system.

4-Nuts, coffee without sugar.

Diet for runners (during the race)

In long competitions of more than two hours:

1-Fresh fruits such as orange and banana.

2-Nuts like dates and raisins.

3-Sports gels

Runners diet (after running)

The first 30 minutes at the end of training or competition are important to replenish muscle glycogen and repair muscle tissue, it is recommended:

1-Fruit or natural juice such as banana that is rich in potassium.

2-Tuna, turkey and cheese

3-Low-fat or skimmed milk that contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Also yogurt.


5-Jellies, honey, jams




Remember that it is always a good option to have the opinion of a professional dietician. Each stage of training is important to take into account that we are going to eat to improve our performance. You can combine fresh and cooked foods as you like best.