Use these keto Tips for rapid weight loss

Know and put these into practice keto tips for rapid weight loss and to be fit and healthier.

We all know that the keto diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, in this diet we stop providing carbohydrates to our body and consume more proteins and fats, with these tips we will also see how to make this process faster. But we must recognize that the first two weeks we also lose a quantity of stored water in our body as a result of the diet, which must be taken into consideration when evaluating our achievements.

Once you have started to implement the keto diet, you should take into account the following tips along with the diet:

Track your calories

It is important to control calories in the keto diet, many times we can exceed it but it is not recommended, so it is recommended to take the calories of the day but with a small caloric deficit of 5% to 10% in order to lose weight.

You can support the use of an app that you find useful to calculate the calories you consume per day.

Experiment with fat fasting

The fat fasting technique consists of making a three-day window of a low calorie intake and high fat intake which produces an effect that initiates the burning of fat and then the loss of fat.

Check for hidden carb sources

Sometimes carbohydrates can be hidden in some foods, such as peanuts and walnuts or processed meats, also vegetables and some medications. That is why it is important to find out which foods have hidden carbohydrates and try to avoid them.

Light, sugar free and gluten free foods contain ingredients that we must avoid such as: syrup syrup, starch, maltose, dextrose, fructose, sucrose, sucralose, maltodextrin, etc. You should read the label or better avoid these foods.

Consume more beef and high-fat dairy

These keto foods contain high amounts of a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA has been found to enhance fat loss through a variety of different mechanisms. To get more of this CLA, you should look to cows that have been 100% grass-fed as these are the ones that have more CLA than grain-fed cows and this also applies to milk and dairy.


Exercise is a way to accelerate the ketosis process in our body, that is why it is a recommended way to accelerate our weight loss. Some exercises that demand more will require you to consume a small percentage of more carbohydrates.

An example of exercises you can do are: running, fast walking, cycling, cardio machines, and swimming. These types of exercises burn fat fast but it is good to spend at least 30 minutes on them.


These are some ways to accelerate weight loss while on the keto diet, there are many other ways but these will definitely help you make progress in your goals: Always remember to consult with nutrition experts or your doctor when you want to be sure of any decision to make.